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When You Should Replace Your Garage Door Springs

When You Should Replace Your Garage Door Springs
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Like any moving part, or a part undergoing extreme amounts of pressure, your garage door springs are bound to break or snap at some point. The snapping itself is not only dangerous (unless you have safety cables which make sure the broken spring won't fly out), but also troublesome as the door will not move until you replace it with a new one. There are, however, ways to avoid it. If you know what to look for, you can determine if your springs need to be replaced before they get you unexpectedly.

Are your springs squeaking during operation?

When You Should Replace Your Garage Door SpringsWhile absolutely no part of your system will operate in complete silence, you may find that through continued use, parts of your door will start to grind or squeal as they struggle against tension and friction. The appearance of odd sounds is not necessarily a cause for any concern, and indeed the sound will likely go away with a spot of lubrication maintenance. But if the sounds persist even after this is done, you’ve likely got a time-bomb of a spring on your hands with defects that are not immediately obvious to the average onlooker. If this is happening, now is the time to opt for a replacement.

Are there signs of rust or corrosion?

Metals and alloys, while providing the strength needed for springs to give adequate tension for the smooth operation of doors, are subject to slow destruction or corrosion brought on about weather. Damp and acidic climates wreak havoc on metal springs. This is especially true for those who live in damp climates, or have any dampness in the garage which will speed up the corrosive process. Springs that show mild signs of rust can be salvaged with the right maintenance service. However,if the rust is bad enough, the springs should not go ignore dunder no circumstances. At this point they pose as more of a danger for the system (and its users) than anyone should feel comfortable with.

Can you see any cracks?

Springs hold a lot of tension when the door is in operation and when it is not, and for this reason it should never be assumed that they will last forever. Over time, this extreme tension will undoubtedly take its toll on the springs and start to form cracks, hairline or otherwise, on them. Keep a close eye on your springs as often as you can. If you start to see any signs of cracking, even very small ones, you should opt for garage door spring replacement as soon as you can, since even the tiniest crack will severely compromise the quality of the spring.

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