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Do you know how to distinguish among the best garage door openers? Here we answer your questions

Is it easy to repair garage doors?

Garage door repairs have a different level of risk. It also depends on whether you have proper equipment and some knowledge. If you just want to lubricate garage door parts or adjust sensors, it should be harmless. Stay away from garage door springs and parts which snap and ask assistance from Garage Door Repair Citrus Park.

Should I get galvanized components?

Galvanized garage door parts are ideal for high moisture regions. Choose galvanized garage door tracks or rollers in order to extend durability but do not expect longevity from galvanized garage door springs. Galvanized springs need more maintenance and are not as strong as regular springs. Moreover, all galvanized components will still require lubrication maintenance.

How often should I wash my garage door?

Our Garage Door Repair Citrus Park experts recommend washing it once a year, although you may need to wash it more if you live in an area with extreme weather. Don't use bleach or strong cleansers on the door. A gentle dishwashing liquid or mild detergent is enough. Also, you should grease the springs, tracks, rollers, and hinges at least twice a year.

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