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Make your life easier and safer by consulting these amazing garage door tips before you maintain the system

Disconnect the opener from its power source before maintenance

This is one of the most important safety measures which you must adopt according to the technicians of our garage door repair company in Citrus Park. You will have peace of mind that the opener will not start running accidently while you are working on the door and cause a serious injury.

Consider thicker replacement garage door tracks

Thicker tracks are at lower risk of bending even if they are hit with considerable force. They are more durable as well. These factors make them more cost-efficient and reliable than their thinner counterparts. The current standard gauge is 0.075 inches so replacement tracks which are thicker than this would be an excellent choice.

Paint the steel garage door panels for protection from rust

Our specialists in Citrus Park recommend that the panels are painted immediately after the installation of the new door. Check what type of paint the door manufacturer suggests. Generally, latex-based paint which is especially formulated for use on external surfaces should produce top results. It provides effective protection while being resistant to the elements.

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